Cricket Wireless

There is no surprise that phone bills sometimes can be out-of-the-world expensive. But, changing to a new plan every time you get more than the expected bill, might interrupt your monthly budget. Though, cost matters, yet there is always more to finding the right phone carrier. Think of the network performance, customer service and other perks rather than just settling on the lowest-priced plan for your smartphone. 


Limiting the plan usage to lower your phone bills won’t be a smart move. Instead, switch to an affordable wireless carrier like Cricket and save tons of money for years to come. Cricket Wireless remains a compelling alternative with strong network performance, great coverage, 5G service and well-priced plans. So, if you really want to reduce your monthly bills, port your number, purchase a new connection, try it for the best deals. 


Being one of the largest mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) in the United States, Cricket wireless offers modern, accessible solutions. From high-speed data and hotspot to unlimited text and calling, they offer everything that allows customers to utilize cell phone services without compromising anything. Cricket acts as an affordable provider that offers no-contract option, benefiting those who want nationwide 5G and 4G LTE networks with a bit wallet-friendly plans. Who doesn’t love it when they get charged for the right service? No extra billing! No hidden charges!


Need help in choosing a pocket-friendly plan for you? Let’s peek into some prepaid plans that fill your needs perfectly. 


Plans & Speed:


Cricket offers 4G LTE network on mobile plans that you need for the life you live. But if you want something faster? The company has 5G coverage, but for that check the availability on their map. The company is a low-cost service provider with a great network, covering 99% of Americans. With the blend of data plans, coverage and service perks, Cricket is the phone carrier to beat. 


Unlimited Plans


Cricket always seems to be few steps ahead of its competitors. They have two plans, which are technically unlimited as there are no overages for exceeding the monthly overages but the plans are not so equal. The cheapest core plan has some limitations while the highest cost plan does not. If you are a heavyweight data user, you must give these plans a try! Albeit, the only catch is, when their network becomes busy, the data speed may slow down at any time in the crowded area. 


The unlimited plans work a little different. To be on the radar of customers, the wireless company offers unlimited talk, text, picture messages and H.D voice & Wi-Fi calling on all the plans equally. The core plan for 1 line starts at $55 per line/month while the other one costs $60 per line/month with $5 of Auto-pay discount. But the prices differ, why? This has to do with the data and other additional features that will make sense by improving your overall experience. 


Both the plans offer unlimited high-speed data, SD quality video streaming, unlimited texts from the U.S to 37 countries yet the core plan lacks few features. Their top plan lets you enjoy the perks of 15 GB Mobile hotspot and the unlimited data with the fastest speed, which is a wise deal indeed. So, there should be no question with the price. From line 1 to line 5, the unlimited plans offer discounted cost, encouraging users to invest in a family plan.


There is a great value pack with 4 lines for $100/month. You might not get it anywhere else so invest in this deal without thinking twice. And the nicest thing is, all the monthly taxes and fees are included in all the individual and family plans. No surprises with billing or hidden fees!


Unlimited Core Plan- $55

  • High-speed data.
  • SD quality video Streaming(480p)
  • Auto-pay discount available
  • Mexico and Canada data usage
  • Unlimited text, talk, MMS
  • H.D Voice & Wi-Fi calling


Unlimited Top Plan- $60

  • Fastest-speed data.
  • 15 GB Mobile Hotspot.
  • SD quality video Streaming(480p)
  • With Auto-pay discount.
  • Mexico and Canada data usage
  • Unlimited text, talk, MMS
  • H.D Voice & Wi-Fi calling


Not Unlimited Plans


Cricket wireless is a good choice for those who want to save couples of bucks every month with limited data. The plan offers 2 GB and 10 GB of data but there is no catch with unlimited texts or calls. Both the plans are similar with different data speeds and prices based on your needs. 


Identical in features and limitations, 2 GB and 10 GB plan offers high-speed data allotment with unlimited text, calls, picture messages in the U.S and H.D voice & Wi-Fi calling. The only difference is, the 2 GB plan is affordable at a pocket-friendly price of $30 per line/month for all the 5 lines. This cheaper plan with limited data is perfect for low-limit users but isn’t eligible for a $5 Auto-pay discount. Download speed is capped at 8 Mbps/4 Mbps in both the plans. And if you exceed the monthly data allowance, the speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps.


For a 10 GB plan, the cost for 1 and 2 lines is $40-$35 per line/month but it will reduce to $28-$26 per line/month for line 4 and 5 respectively. Extra data and per-line discount is worth that extra amount. The more lines you’ll choose, the more money you can save!


2 GB Plan- $30

  • 2 GB High-speed data.
  • Unlimited text, talk, MMS
  • H.D Voice & Wi-Fi calling


10 GB Plan- $40

  • 10 GB high-speed data.
  • With Auto-pay discount.
  • Unlimited text, talk & picture messages.
  • H.D Voice & Wi-Fi calling

Phones, Billing and More:


Why should you prefer a Cricket prepaid plan over anything else? The company’s overall servicing is surprisingly good. With no postpaid plans, expect a contract-free number switching policy. Enjoy a budget-friendly plan as per your needs, avoid overages and have flexibility with bills. 


Cricket offers a user-friendly experience. The older phones lacked technological capabilities to connect with 4G towers so you must bring your own phone to check the compatibility. However, if your current phone doesn’t work on their network, you can switch to a new smart phone at a discounted price. The deal is available on Alcatel and LG to Nokia, Samsung and Apple devices. 


You can sign up with the auto-pay option by Cricket to save an additional amount of $5 per month, but imagine how much you can save in a year? Needless to say!

Moreover, switching to multiple lines for your family can add up to your savings and you can use it for Christmas or New Year’s celebration.